Is The Fructose in Fruit Dangerous?



I just watched the Robert Lustig video on the link you sent me.

Obviously he is not talking about eating fruit? Just the added fructose?

asked 9/13/2013
Debi Tollman2
Debi Tollman

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Sorry no - fruit is exactly what he is talking about.
If you are serious about keeping carbs low then the only possible fruits to eat on a regular basis are:
- berries and strawberries in low volumes
- small non-sweet apples

Modern fruit is genetically modified or manipulated to have the highest possible sugar content and thus sell more fruit. As a result a banana is a pure carb bullet - wrapped in a nice yellow skin. Mangoes and other exotic fruit are bred to be sweet and hardly resemble the original prehistoric versions.

Believe Robert Lustig, stay away from sweet, sugary fruit and your health will benefit.

answered 9/13/2013 Doc H 15
Doc H
I think it's not possible and that the Fructose in Fruit Dangerous. The above person put the answer very well. Infect, You have given a link of youtube video in which you also described the answer of that question as well. On the other hand, I fully want to find resumes planet which must writing related contents and tips as well.
answered 5/30/2016 Hyeen 36

Eating whole fruit, it is almost impossible to consume enough fructose to cause harm. Fruits are loaded with fiber, water and have significant chewing resistance. For this reason, most fruits (like apples) take a while to eat and digest, meaning that the fructose hits the liver slowly. Plus, fruit is incredibly fulfilling. Most people will feel satisfied after one large apple, which contains 23 grams of sugar, 13 of which are fructose

A single apple would make you feel quite full, automatically making you eat less of other foods. However, a bottle of soda has remarkably poor effects on satiety and people don’t compensate for the sugar in sodas by eating less of other foods. When fructose hits your liver fast and in large amounts (soda and a candy bar) then that can have disastrous consequences… but when it hits your liver slowly and in small amounts (an apple) then your body can easily take care of the fructose. Also, let’s not forget the evolutionary argument… humans and pre-humans have been eating fruit for millions of years. The human body is well adapted to the small amounts of fructose found in nature. Whereas large amounts of added sugar are harmful to most people, the same can NOT be said for fruit. Period. If you are looking for any writing related help then go through with this custom writings, you can get better help from the professionals.


answered 6/6/2016 jameslee 2
No! It's not that the Fructose in Fruit Dangerous. I think everything has discussed by the above persons who put the answers agains that question. I just like to add that some care need while eating it and nothing else except it. By the way,  I try to find paper writing service but that question is good for those people who like to eat that fruit.
answered 6/9/2016 Hyeen 36
Very helpful question and its answer.
answered 6/9/2016 Hyeen 36
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answered 6/9/2016 Hyeen 36
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No, The Fructose in Fruit is not Dangerous. A person already posted the answer in very detail related to that question. I think you don't worry about it and use Fruit freedomly. You can see such links which help to clear your mind from such questions.
answered 8/16/2016 Hyeen 36
Fructose in fruits is not dangerous, in fact its much healthier that sugar itself. But you should eat in moderation as well. Read a lot of article online and research, don't follow the ones from reviews which are not helpful at all.
answered 12/9/2016 Bella_023 23

No, it's not dangerous, you can eat it freely but not too much. You can read about fructose on wiki. My grandma is diabetic and she eats fruits and feels ok. 


answered 12/20/2016 Larry 2
No! It's not that the Fructose in Fruit Dangerous.I just like to add that some care need while eating it and nothing else except it. assignment writing
answered 1/3/2017 jessicaalex 2

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