Cream instead of milk in coffee?


Why do you suggest that we replace milk in coffee with cream?


asked 7/30/2013
Natacha 4

6 Answers

Because milk is the most common allergen among adults. Everyone know this fact except you. here i find the best essay writing service in the UK that can teach you this simple truth.
answered 2 months ago Monica1 33

I like coffee with milk only.I will not suggest coffee with cream.The combination may be good and healthier but i would prefer coffee with milk only. The is that the taste varies from person to person. <a href="">Democratic party</a>

answered 11/26/2016 Alia Johnn 2
Alia Johnn
As a  dissertation writer so this will turn goo for me coffee into more of a dessert drink, but on a warm summer day it might be the treat you're looking for. In fact, there's even a German drink called Eiskefee that's a blended drink made with coffee and ice cream.
answered 10/20/2016 Kevin Tailor 2
Kevin Tailor
I think Cream is one of the best choice to make the Coffee.  In Coffee cream have great taste and we everyone must try Cream in Coffee instead of Milk. Actually, I want essay pedia writing service but it's sound good website to post questions and get the reliable answers.
answered 9/28/2016 Hyeen 35
The combination is very good and also healthy too. I have read the grademiners reviews about this issue which tells that milk contains more fat when compared to cream. So, it’s better to replace the milk in coffee with cream.
answered 9/7/2016 RodgerShirley 29
Higher fat to carb ratio.


Milk has 6 carbs per 100ml.

Most heavy/full pouring cream has 3 carbs per 100ml.

Secondly, I dont have the fat ratios on hand right now but more fat equals a better satiated belly throughout the day.



answered 9/2/2013 Craig Adamson 2
Craig Adamson

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