Low Fat Low Carb Yoghurt

I have looked at several yoghurts and have found that a few that have almost no carbs and no fat. Is it not better to eat these kinds of yogurt instead of the Greek high fat yogurt that you advise for Decarb?
asked 8/19/2013
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  • Yes there are many kinds of plain no carb, fat free yoghurts available. The problem is that they are fat free.

    Our goal for Decarb is to keep the fat contents up and sugar down. This makes the type of yougurt you suggest, less than ideal because it does not have enough fat.

    Whereas the Greek style yoghurt has plenty of fat and a little bit of sugar, which is better because we accept the carbs to get higher fat.

    I actually add cream to the Greek yoghurt to increase fat levels (and it tastes even better).

    The message is: Make sure that you eat higher fat meals.
    It is the fat that makes you feel full. What is the good of eating a tub of no fat no carb yoghurt and then feeling hungry an hour later?

    "I'm worried because I don't feel hungry anymore!" is the most common query I get from Decarbers. I assure them that this a normal state, which happens when you eat a fat based diet and thus don't ride the blood sugar roller-coaster all day. - SuperUser Account 8/19/2013

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