On the 6 September 2013, Prof Tim Noakes was Skype interviewed by Tawnee Prazak for the Endurance Planet website. Here is a brief report on the important items that The Prof spoke about during the interview. Also included below is a link to the original podcast. I recommend that you listen to it!

New Noakes Book

New Noakes book due in November – called the Real Meal Revolution – about diet and nutrition and no doubt will contain a lot of low carb living. Will include a raft of delicious low carb recipes.

Low Carb

Prof is sticking to his low carb tack (Yay!) and remains committed to the low carb lifestyle and the benefits. His running has improved and he says that he is running with the same effort as he did 30 years ago. 

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He points out (again) that low carb is not for everyone, but anyone who is carbohydrate resistant will benefit from going low carb. Spoke about Bruce Fordyce’s running improvements on decarb, where his 5km time trial speed has improved by 5 minutes – going from 22 mins to 17 mins!

Noakes makes a great point about carbohydrate levels – pointing out that each person’s carb tolerance is individually set but that we all need to be in carbohydrate balance every day. And once we eat it we can’t get rid of it.  Thus as an individual, you either burn off the carbs you eat or else you store then as fat.

This is a crucial observation, because it means that we each need to try and discover what our daily carb limit is and so as to not gain weight, we need to ensure that we remain below that level o a daily basis. 

Low Carb Performance

He spoke about how most athletes and weekend warriors will benefit from performing on a low carb regimen IE not drinking the heavy carb type of sports drinks we all love so much. There is a really interesting part from about the 10 min mark onward, when he says that indications are that fructose in some way IMPAIRS performance.

He again makes a call for people to stop eating cereals and grains – Hear Hear! Bananas also come under fire – rightfully in my opinion. Bananas should be given to monkeys to process and have no place in a low carb athlete’s in-race nutrition.

Artificial Sweeteners

The sweet tooth gets a mention as well and Noakes rightly asserts that the best strategy for the average person is to completely stop eating sweet things, including all forms of artificial sweeteners. By stopping the intake of sweets and sugar, we cure (or curb) or sugar addiction. Also some of these also cause insulin secretion and will make weight loss more difficult.

Then he goes on into the hydration and waterlogged issues which were really interesting and well worth a listen.

The original podcast can be found here on Endurance Planet.