This explanation is based on the video of the talk that Robert Lustig gave at an Ancestral Health Symposium. (A link to the original video on YouTube is provided below)

Summary for Non-Biochemists

  1. Fructose in your diet increases your blood pressure
  2. The exact increase in blood pressure can vary depending on many factors including how much sugar and/or fructose you consume
  3. Fructose in your diet comes from sugar, honey and fruit
  4. Some Rules:
  5. Never ever trust anyone who advises you to replace sugar with fructose
  6. Never listen to anyone who suggest that honey is good for you. It is NOT. Nor is agave!

Summary of Fructose Digestion Pathway Described by Robert Lustig

If your swallow 120 calories worth of sugar by drinking an orange juice for example. The following will occur:

The sugar in the orange juice will split into 60 g of glucose and 60 g fructose.

The 60g of glucose will be relatively easily disposed and will be split by apportioning roughly 80% to muscles and 20% to the liver.

All the fructose however will have to be handled by the liver.

1)      It is transported to the liver by the glu-5 transporter

2)      Then fructokinase acts on the fructose and converts it to fructose-1-phosphate

3)      The phosphorylation of fructose is driven by the conversion of  ATP to ADP (loss of a phosphate)

4)      The ADP created is now mopped up by AMP deaminase-1, which converts it to AMP

5)      The AMP is then converted to inositol mono-phosphate

6)      Finally the inositol mono-phosphate is converted to uric acid,  which is then released into the blood stream

7)      When uric acid is transported to the kidney, it inhibits an enzyme called endothelial nitric oxide synthase which resides in the blood vessel wall

8)      Less endothelial nitric oxide synthase causes lower release on nitric oxide which raises blood pressure levels

9)      The more sugar, honey and fructose containing food you eat, the more your blood pressure goes up! QED.

Lustig speaks of a paper that will be out soon, which he has co-written called: “Just a spoon full of sugar helps the blood pressure go up”

The source video of the Robert Lustig Lecture is entitled:  The trouble with fructose a Darwinian perspective. It can be viewed on YouTube using this link: