My son Gabes and I spent many hours watching James Gandolfini play the role of the lovable, detestable Tony Soprano in the Soprano's series.  We loved to watch him. We admired his talent and we still firmly believe that the Soprano's is the greatest series ever produced.
However I often used to watch him move about on screen, with a sure knowledge that he was not in perfect health. Sure he was visibly overweight but often his breathing used to worry me. 

If I had been close to him, would I have said anything? I’m not sure. I had visions of flying to Hollywood and stalking him, waiting for an opportunity to discuss his diet. Not likely.

Anyway, last week a customer of mine did a Gandolfini and keeled over. This time it happened to someone I knew and had occasional contact with. In fact the last time we met, I sat across from him and thought to myself, here’s someone in trouble. Badly overweight, his breathing was labored and he had a sickly pallor. But did I say anything?

No I did not.

The question is when is a good time to switch from a pure business conversation to a deadly earnest “you are about to die” type of personal discourse. That time I did not have the courage to bring it up.  Maybe I had an obligation to? Maybe I could have done something to save him?

What do you think?