Doctors being human, often make subconscious judgements on the patients they treat. Normally these are hidden thoughts that in no way influence treatment. However they can sometimes unconsciously influence the way a patient gets treated. 

Fat patients can be a good example of this kind of prejudice and it is not inconceivable that sometimes a doctor will judge a fat patient, assigning the patient blame for the condition they are suffering from.

I came across a video presentation by a doctor, admitting and addressing just such an issue. His name is Peter Attia and his angst over this issue really struck a chord with me.

In a nutshell, he once judged an overweight diabetic patient with a foul foot ulcer, who needed and amputation, as a person who was lazy and overate. “She ate too much ... she got type II diabetes, case closed.”  He had reason to reassess this view a few years later when he stared his own type II diabetes in the face. He found that he was unable to keep his weight down despite a massive exercise load, combined with a diet that was in line with medical best practice.

His situation made him realize that he was in a similar position to that of his patient of a few years earlier. Maybe she too was a victim, just like he was. Maybe the advice that the medical community was offering was wrong?

Peter changed his diet (removed all the carbs!), reduced the amount of exercise he was doing and became as slim as he was in his youth.

To view the video (and I urge you to do it!) : Click here  

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