Why Eat Whey?

Whey is a natural source of protein. In its natural form it is easily digestible and has a neutral flavour making it a perfect mixer for that on-the-go meal replacement. Whey concentrate is a complete protein containing all of the essential amino acids. Whey is also quickly absorbed into the body as opposed to other forms of complete protein like meat and poultry, which need effort and time to be properly digested.

Don’t be put off by the “wall of whey” that you will find at your local pharmacy or health shop. This kind of display is targeted at the body builders and over-the-top sports freaks.

Perfect Meal Replacement

A scoop of pure whey concentrate mixes easily with a number of low carb friendly ingredients to make a quick shake that will keep you full from breakfast to lunch-time or even later. 

The protein surge of this kind off shake has a number of benefits:

1)      Keeps you feeling full for four hours or more

2)      Kicks your immune system into high gear

3)      Alters your mood for the better!

4)      Reduces cholesterol reading

5)      Improves post-exercise recovery time

6)      May also improve sports performance and endurance

7)      Whey is high in calcium – a scoop has 10% of your daily requirement

Which Whey Do I Buy?

That’s and easy question. 

Ignore the big body building tubs, with their multi-coloured marketing messages. Most of these are unhealthy mixtures of chemicals and other crap that will do your health no good.

Look for a plain whey concentrate. It will normally be 80% pure and have no other ingredients other than whey. Nor will it have any added flavourings to sweeteners.  You don’t need any higher concentrations or any other additives. Just plain 80% whey concentrate.


How Do I Make My Low Carb Whey Shakes?

Experiment. Try various combinations until you find and quick to make recipe that is delicious and filling.

I personally have a simple formula that works for me: I mix some pouring cream to a scoop of whey and add a few drops of vanilla essence. This takes no time to make and it fills me up for the rest of the morning. Sometimes if I am extra hungry, I add an egg yolk or two to the mix.

We have some simple but delicious examples to get you started.

Here are 3 Low Carb Whey Recipes by Kat:


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