The Sami a hardy Nordic tribal people lived off the land in the freezing Swedish tundra. They ate a diet of animal protein and reindeer milk, with almost no carbohydrates. Until they became westernized they had very few instances of the common Western diseases of obesity, diabetes and cancer.

Also they had almost zero tooth decay. A 500 year old skeleton of a middle-aged Sami woman was discovered a few years ago. The amazing thing was that her teeth were prefect. No a single hole or any sign of tooth decay, an almost universal phenomenon in our modern world.

A report about the Sami from 1671 stated:  ” they are not known to be struck by serious diseases, thus they live to a high age, some to 70, 80, 90 or 100 or more and in their old age they are agile, quick to do their daily tasks and to travel and run in the woods and over land.”

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