How can you tell that you’re dining with real risk taker?  Sitting next to someone with a devil may care attitude to life’s risks?

An easy way to recognize one of then, is when they order cappuccino and ask for cream!
Most right thinking, normal folk, regard a cream cappuccino as a recipe for sudden death. Even some of the waiters in the upmarket barista boutiques blanch when someone has the courage to ask for cream. 

Normal folk, like I used to be, are easy to spot. We order skinny cappuccinos. Why? Because they are low fat and good for us. No ways we are going to risk our health drinking all that cream and saturated fat which will clog our arteries and cause us to die of a heart attack.

That creamy cappuccino guy he knows it’s wrong, but he does not care. In fact he probably smokes and eats fried eggs with fatty bacon.  Well the bad news is that the cream is probably good for him.

He’s doing a better job of protecting his heath ordering the creamy cappuccino than you are with your skinny. Sure the skinny has less fat but it also has more carbohydrates which are added to replace the fat. 

All in all that cream does some good things for him. Firstly is makes him feel full because a high fat meal signals the satiety centre in his brain and lowers the activity of his hunger hormones. Also the more carbs he reduces by skipping the skinny, the less weight he potentially puts on. And the lower sugar, keeps him that much further from developing diabetes. (A painless disease that normally chops five to ten years of the average sufferers’ lifespan).

So take my advice. Shock them a little and ditch the skinny cappuccino. Live large and go with cream next time. 
Oh yes! It also tastes better!