A talk by Karen Sokal-Gutierrez at TEDxBerkeley (May 2013)


In the TED talk Karen Sokal-Gutierrez a paediatrician who is also trained in public health. She says that tooth decay is a pandemic that affecting 60 to 90% of all children in the world. Far more than any other disease.


The cause is the high levels of sugars in food and sweetened drinks that have become a staple part of children’s diets.


In first world societies with regular dental care, children avoid the worst effects of the damage is mitigated. Yet even these kids suffer with fillings, extractions, root canal treatments and more.


In poorer environments, the disease runs rampant, leaving many children toothless before puberty. They suffer pain, sleeplessness and poor concentration.


The pandemic of tooth decay has been neglected. And this pandemic ids being driven by the global growth of the junk food industry.


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