Prof Tim Noakes and David Grier spoke to Jenny Crwys-Williams about their book "The real meal revolution" and what food one should eat to lose weight and stay health.

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This is a brief excerpt of the podcast above. Please listen to it so that you can get the full context and understanding of the conversation.

Banting story with William Harvey and original low carb diet

All farmers know corn makes animals fat. Subsidies by USDA to sell corn. Food guide to increase grain intake.

Back story:
Tim's own health was poor because he was insulin resistant. He tried a high fat diet and lost weight almost immediately. He had so much energy and no foggy brain.

Tim's plea is: Let's put fat back into the diet.

Mossel bay miracle:
6000 breeding pairs left. Only place man could have survived. Found an original cave that shows they ate an animal and fish diet that was high in omega-3's.  Tim also makes note of book by Weston price   Which indicates that there is something in traditional foods that preserved our health. Traditional foods prevent auto immune diseases and tooth decay.


1) High cholesterol? Is LCHF safe?

We must not don't focus too much on cholesterol. There are 10 blood factors that predict heart disease.  All corrected by LCHF and only 1 corrected by Low fat diet. Wen need to test LDL small particle size (which we cant do in SA yet), to really know risk.

LCHF makes all of them better.

2) is diet ok for lacto-ovo-vegetarians? No

Vegetarian with weight prob must concentrate on eating lot of fat. Difficult to sustain.

Aside: About the advent of grains. How our health worsened and that Eastern Europeans are least used to grains because they have been exposed to grains for only 2000 years.  Bad teeth from grains and goes with bad health.

3) High protein question.

Need to understand that low fat is high sugar

4) "Stuck" lady who has 3 weeks with no  weight loss

  • Calorie intake is still important. 
  • Make sure that there is enough fat in the diet enough? 
  • Are there hidden carbs in the diet?

Note: That some women struggle on high fat diet need to add more protein. Quantity is still NB.

5) Sludge in gall bladder

Will be improved by LCHF diet. Carbs cause it. Mentioned recent paper says best predictor of gall bladder disease is a high carb diet.

Aside constipation: 

Not just simple fibre issue. Gut flora are heavily involved.

Aside acid reflux:   Due to wrong bacteria
Make gas from carbs causing bloating and burping. IBS and reflux cured by LCHF.