The Low Carb News - Feb 2014

Gail - Biggest Loser Feb 2014Gail The Biggest Winner!

Becomes a new person

Maybe dropping 12 kgs over 12 months is not the fastest weight loss in the world, but for Gail it was the most amazing journey.

Gail says: 
"Thanks to Decarb, I have become a new person. 

After 6 months on Decarb I lost about 6 kg and looked and felt much better. Just six months after that I had dropped another 6 kg and looked like a new person.
I even started running in the mornings.

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Recipe: Let's Bake Some Bread Sticks!

Admittedly this delicious sticks are not quite the same the real thing, but they sure are tasty. And pretty filling too!

We made them from cauliflower, some eggs, cheese and some flavouring.

Quick and crispy. Try them and let me know how you like them.

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Bread Sticks from Cauliflower

It's Official: Sugar is Bad for your Heart

Limit sugar or face serious health consequences

Highlights a clear and significant relationship between sugar consumption and death from heart disease. For the first time a major medical study makes no bones about the connection between heart disease and sugar.

The study clearly states that we need to limit the sugar we consume or face serious health consequences. It further advises that doctors should warn their patients against sugar.

This finding rubbishes the recent Coke campaign that tries to suggest that to many calories in our diet are bad for us, rather than the source of these calories. The truth is, calories from sugar, are bad for our hearts. 

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Sugar Cubes

Reading Corner Features Decarb Diet 

Write up about the Low Carb Lifestyle book in The Tame Times
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Reading Corner

Coming Up Next Month:
The missing ingredient: Weigh Training for rapid weight loss

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Thought for the day: 
Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.  ~Jim Rohn

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