The Low Carb News - September 2013

The Top 5 Low Carb Diet Mistakes

  1. Starting a low carb diet without enough knowledge
  2. Giving up too easily
  3. Not Eating Enough Fat
  4. Not Eating Enough Veggies
  5. Panicking About Not Feeling Hungry
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Listen to the Latest Prof Tim Noakes Interview

Prof Noakes was interviewed on Endurance Planet last week. Read a summary or listen to the podcast.on the Doc's BLOG. Click here to read the article

Make A Whey Shake Part of Your Day!

Whey is a natural source of protein that has a number of health benefits. It is also an ideal base for an almost instant meal replacement shake that can keep you full for hours. Read more about the wonders of whey and check out these 3 delicious whey recipes to get you going. Click here to read the article

Coming Up Next Month

Why you should NEVER eat soy. Don't believe the marketing hype: Soy is not good for you, it will damage your health.

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