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Review: ...described as “practical Noakes” taking the reader through the basic laws of the paleo diet without being condescending. ...it is energetic and snappy. Chapters are presented in short, digestible chunks stuffed with clever observations. More...

Excellent format- easy to read and easy to follow.” J. Tollman (3 reviewers made a similar statement) “I love my new strong body.” Michelle S 1 reviewer made a similar statement "I recommend this to anyone who would like to lose weight quickly and easily and feel a lot healthier.” Terry G| 1 reviewer made a similar statement

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 Some Satisfied Customers "I just dropped 20 pounds. After so many diets that left me starving ... it was so easy." Peter Anaesthetist "3 kilos in the first 5 days! I know you told me it was mostly water, but I am so happy..." Haylie 30 "I dropped 60 kilos in the 5 months from June 2013 to Nov 2013. Decarb literally saved my life." Anita 60 "Kept feeling guilty because of all the delicious cream and chicken with skin, I was eating but the weight steadily came off." Shelly 39