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Program Kick-Off 6 getting Started Cheat Sheets

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Weekly Report Back & Review

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Monthly Progress Reports

Personal Diet Coaching

3 Months of Online Coaching

Customized. One-On-One Diet and Health Coaching

What You Get

3 Months Of:

  • Personal Detailed Assessment 
  • Direct access to Doc H who will be your personal weight loss coach.
  • Weekly progress report
  • DocH will answer your questions and provide support
  • Skype or telephone consultations on request
  • Access to the Decarb Weight Loss Tools and reminders
  • Your Journal will be read each week by DocH

Price is $39.95 (R 399.00) for 3 months


Starter Kit Option

Get the book with your 3 Month Coaching Program

Starter Kit price is $59.95 (R 599.00) for the book, 3 months coaching and delivery in South Africa

Price is $59.95 (R 599.00)

Some Satisfied Customers
"I just dropped 20 pounds. After so many diets that left me starving ... it was so easy."
Peter Anaesthetist "3 kilos in the first 5 days! I know you told me it was mostly water, but I am so happy..."
Haylie 30 "I dropped 60 kilos in the 5 months from June 2013 to Nov 2013. Decarb literally saved my life."
Anita 60 "Kept feeling guilty because of all the delicious cream and chicken with skin, I was eating but the weight steadily came off."