imgWhat is the Decarb Diet?
Stages of the Decarb Diet

These are the three stages of the Decarb Diet

   The beginning!

It is time to get going. Measure your baselines, set your goals, prepare your kitchen and hone your shopping skills. Learn more...
  Strike! By excluding as many carbohydrates as possible from your diet.

This phase normally takes eight weeks and is aimed at producing quick weight loss. It can take longer if you are slow to drop weight or if you have a lot of weight to lose.

Strike phase ends when you reach within 10% of your goal weight. Learn more ...
   During Stabilization you can experiment and learn about your personal responses to carbs, by adding certain carbs back into your diet. You watch your weight carefully to find out which types of carbs cause to you gain weight. 

Your aim is to stabilize your weight and to ensure that  you maintain your decarb eating for the rest of your life. If you gain back more that 10% of your goal weight then you need to revert to Strike until your weight comes down again. Learn more...