Professor Timothy Noakes

Timothy David Noakes is a South African professor of exercise and sports science at the University of Cape Town. Dr Noakes run more than 70 marathons and ultramarathons, and is the author of the running book Lore of Running. He is also co-author in the low carb recipe book The Real Meal Revolution.

After developing a sports science course University of Cape Town in 1980, he went on to head the Medical Research Council-funded Bioenergetics of Exercise Research Unit (later changed to the MRC/UCT Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. In the early 1990s Noakes co-founded the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.

In 2005 he worked in the Arctic and Antarctic with the swimmer Lewis Gordon Pugh. The studies were undertaken to understand the human capacity for withstanding extreme cold. Noakes discovered that Pugh could raise his core body temperature before entering the water in anticipation of the cold. He called this 'anticipatory thermo-genesis'. In 2007 he was the expedition doctor for Pugh’s one kilometre swim at the Geographic North Pole. Noakes has written several books on exercise and diet.

In 2011, Prof Tim Noakes inspired me to go low carb high fat. 

An excert from the introduction to the Decarb Diet book:

"The Decarb Diet was inspired by a news clipping, shoved under my disinterested nose by my wife. It had a picture of a slim and beaming Professor Tim Noakes, holding a plate laden with forbidden foods like cheese, cream and meat. The text detailed the weight loss he had achieved after he had turned his back on years of carbohydrate evangelism and embraced a high fat diet. 

With a scant six weeks to go to my 15th Argus Cycle Tour, I was in my usual state of semi-readiness. My training was on track but I lacked the willpower to eat less as I trained harder. Knowing full well that I would start the race at least seven kilograms heavy, I decided that I had nothing to lose. From the moment I put that article down, I stopped eating carbs and switched to a high fat diet.

Magically, the high fat diet worked. Even though I ate as much as I wanted, five kilograms melted from my mid-section in four weeks and I arrived in Cape Town wearing jeans that had hung in my cupboard for almost 20 years!"

A Tim Noakes Diet Plan

The Decarb Diet is based on the Tim Noakes eating plan. A scientifically based low carb diet proven for weigh-loss, improved energy levels and better sleep. You will have no more hunger!

Some ways to get started.

Learn more about the Decarb Diet Lifestyle

Links for Tim Noakes

April 2014: Video Tim Noakes talks at The Foodbarn Cape Town

Watch him talk of fat elephants and Australian cricketers. He also speaks about Shaun Watson's dad who is a diabetic and then lambastes the recent study that purported to show that protein is bad for us!

Click to read more

Feb 2014: Podcast Radio 702 - About the Real Meal Revolution

Prof Tim Noakes spoke to Jenny Crwys-Williams about his new book, "The real meal revolution" and what food one should eat to lose weight and stay health. Follow the link below for a transcript and a link to the whole podcast on 702.

Podcast - 702 Interview

Sep 2013: Podcast - Endurance Planet 

See summary and link to interview. Click Here

Podcast - Primedia Broadcasting 

June 2013

Some interesting points:

  1.  (At 10:27 on the audio track)  - A caller asks Tim if we need to eat ANY carbs and he explains why we dont ever need to eat carbs.
  2.  (At 12:00 on the audio track) - A question about eating carbs in pregnancy. The answer is VERY IMPORTANT! Expectant mothers should not eat carbs during pregnancy because they will predispose the child to obesity in later life.