The Biggest Loser!

Anita's Story in her own words.

Chance Meeting

My personal battle with weight was changed the moment I met with Dr. Howard Rybko. My life was destroyed when my job as Credit Manager lead me to become the scapegoat for corporate corruption at the big company I worked for. After twenty years of loyal service, I was retrenched without a cent. The torment of legal battles, which continued for years, left my family financially exhausted. The stress, anxiety and emotional turmoil experienced during this time saw me turn to food as a means for comfort. 

Some time later, I was diagnosed with advanced cancer of the womb. This resulted in me having to undergo surgery in the form of a radical hysterectomy with the removal of my lymph nodes. These effects of these events culminated in me ballooning out from a fit and healthy 34D to a 48DD. The years of comfort eating had resulted in me having to wear men’s size XXXL clothing and even my shoe size went from a size 4 to a size 6. I was extremely lethargic and could not climb steps or stairways. Walking any distance, no matter how small, was near impossible. This made shopping extremely difficult and I also struggled with driving in most cars.

Being constantly short of breath and suffering from abnormal sleep patterns was only worsened by the excessive pain in my lower legs, which is a known side effect of my major operation. 

Many Diets

I had tried many diets and I had even been to three different dieticians. Despite all of my efforts, my weight problems persisted. That was until I had a chance discussion with Dr. Howard Rybko in June of 2013. The diet he introduced to is the first one that I can honestly say is more of a change in eating habit than the ‘starvation’ course-type diets I had come accustomed to. The method was simple and easy to adapt to and now I am able to ‘enjoy’ it and I no longer have to ‘endure’ it. 

On the day this discussion took place, I weighed 209 kilograms. Just last week, my scale showed my weight at an astonishing 142.6 kilograms. Not only have I shed 66,5 kilograms in 5 months but my quality of life has also drastically improved. I can walk through shopping centres without becoming short of breath and my sleeping patterns have finally been regulated. The immense pain in my lower legs has also subsided. 

I feel as if I could shout it out to the rest of the world but it is better left to the professionals like Dr. Rybko to get out there and put millions of others out of their calibrated misery. Lastly, I would like to say thank you to my husband, Tom. Without him, I would not have had the strength to change my life. His support, his wisdom, his encouragement and his unwavering faith in me have made this possible. Everybody needs to know this, it is life-changing stuff! 


  • 10 June: 209 kilograms
  • 25 November: 142.6 kilograms 
  • Jan 2014 138 kilograms