The Biggest Loser!

Andre Gets It Right On Decarb!

10 years ago Andre weighed 130 kg. 

He was unfit and in poor health. He ate whatever he wanted, did not exercise and smoked. His body did not respond well to that.

He then made the decision to lose some weight and over the next couple of years went on numerous diets to try and drop the weight. He found that each time he lost weight, he would regain the weight he lost fairly quickly. 

About three years ago Andre took up cycling and stopped smoking. At this stage, his weight fluctuated between 94 and 105 kg. He struggled to keep the weight down unless on a diet, which was not a sustainable solution.

About three months ago Andre adopted the Decarb Diet and has to date lost 9 kg. 

His body fat % reduced from 23% to 11, 5%. 

Andre found the program in the book worked well for him and the changes to his way of eating, easy to maintain. He never feels hungry on Decarb. For the first time he feels that he is not on a diet and feels that this is the lifestyle change he needed.

This is how Andre looked a few years ago.