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No Evidence Sugar Makes You Fat. LOL!

The letter entitled “No evidence sugar makes you fat” by the SA Sugar Association would be a Laugh Out Loud moment, if  the disinformation it contained were not so dangerous to the health of many South Africans.

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A Few Interesting Stats About Dieters and Diets

Some interesting stats. 

Like how does the thought of 100 million Americans on diet at the same time make you feel? At least we are not alone!

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What do desk bound workers and astronauts have in common? They both age up to ten times faster than normal


If your work requires you to sit all day, you could be putting your health at risk.

In some way sitting closely resembles the weightlessness that astronauts experience. In space astronauts age up to ten times faster than on earth. When  you sit for extended periods (an hour or longer), you up your risk for a number of medical conditions as well as increase the rate at which you age

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Do Doctors Treat Fat Patients Differently?

Doctors being human, often make subconscious judgements on the patients they treat. Normally these are hidden thoughts that in no way influence treatment. However they can sometimes unconsciously influence the way a patient gets treated. 

Fat patients can be a good example of this kind of prejudice...

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Goodbye Gandolfini, we will miss you.

My son Gabes and I spent many hours watching James Gandolfini play the role of the lovable, detestable Tony Soprano in the Soprano's series.  We loved to watch him. We admired his talent and we still firmly believe that the Soprano's is the greatest series ever produced. However I often used to watch him move about on screen, with a sure knowledge that he was not in perfect health.

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Refined sugar a poison

Published response I wrote to an article about the dangers of sugar in The Times by Jackie May entitled "Sugary sweet sell on health" at the end of January 2013. The article has links to the Robert Lustig sugar video on YouTube as well as references to Prof Noakes and the dangers of fructose.

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