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Weight Loss

Dr Hyman's First Five Food Lies

There is a ton of weight loss advice out there. Sadly most of it is outdated and scientifically disproven. If you believe it, it could be getting in your way.  

Here are 5 fat loss myths busted!

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Towards a Good Night's Sleep and Sustained Weight Loss

Are you getting enough sleep?

Here are some tips to get you sleeping the night through.

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A Century Old Presidential Struggle with Weight Loss

William Taft the 27th President of the US, suffered from obesity during his presidency and for years afterward. His diet struggles have recently been highlighted by the brilliant historical research of  Deborah Levine, a medical historian.

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A Few Interesting Stats About Dieters and Diets

Some interesting stats. 

Like how does the thought of 100 million Americans on diet at the same time make you feel? At least we are not alone!

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