Our deranged omega-6 to omega-3 ratios forms part of the my Decarb Diet book. In the book I cover the reasons for the ratio imbalance in our modern food supply. The main culprit being the switch from greens to grains as well as the use of vegetable oils. Grains that are used to feed the animals and animal products we eat as well as grains and cereals that we eat instead of good food. 

Grains, cereals and vegetable oils have high levels of omega-6 and are inflammatory.  It is critical to get these levels down and your omega-3 levels up.

In the book I suggest a dramatic reduction of grains and vegetable oils as well as daily supplementation of omega-3''s via the flax oil supplements and omega-3 capsules.

I found a good article that covers the subject on the Authority Nutrition website. You may want to read it: Click here