Do not eat dried fruits!

Each piece is like a little sugar bomb that will go off in your system and turn to fat

Generally each piece of dried fruit contains about 50% sugar, so don’t fall for suggestions that dried fruits are good for you. They cannot be safely used as substitutes for sweets.

Dried fruits contain large amounts of sugar often in similar amounts to the sugar levels found in sweets. So it goes without saying that you are advised not to eat dried fruit. However if you do then eat it in moderation and be aware of the sugar levels in the table below:

Over 70% sugar:

·         Mango

·         Raisins

·         Currants

Over 60% sugar:

·         Dates

·         Figs

Over 50% sugar:

·         Papaya (pawpaw)

·         Pears

Over 40% sugar:

·         Peaches

·         Prunes

·         Apricots