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Need Chocolate - eat 85 percent Extra Dark Lindt

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If you are like so many of us and HAVE to have some chocolate, then I recommend that you eat 85% Lindt Extra Dark. It has just over 1 gram of carbs per square. Each full bar has 10 squares and most chocoholics will be satisfied with 2 to four squares.

It tastes like spray painted cardboard!

Yes indeed, when you first try it the stuff can be pretty awful, but don't just go at it cold turkey.

Start out with the 70% variety which has about 3 grams of carbs per slice. After normal chocolate, this stuff is almost bearable so switch to 70% for 1 or two weeks until your sweet tooth gets used to the reduce sugar in it. Then go to the 85% and it will not taste too bad. 

From personal experience I can tell you that after a month or two on the 85% you get used to it and it tastes OK. Best part for me was that I could no longer eat normal chocolate because it tastes so sweet that it literally burns my mouth.


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