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Low Carb Coaching
The Decarb Diet - Guide to a low carb lifestyle (The Book)
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  • 25kg down. It's a miracle. Doc you have changed our lives!

    Jill Marketing Specialist
  • Having always struggling with my weight and keeping a healthy appearance with my clients your book brought on a complete, healthy and happy, balanced lifestyle change for me!

    Terrance Investment Broker
  • I bought the Kindle version of your book and started off on 101kg. Today I weigh 94.5. That's over a period of 5-weeks, I'm worried it may be too much.

    Allan introduce
  • I bought The Real Meal Revolution and The Decarb Diet and I think that your book is "Practical Noakes".

    Kevin Business Analyst
  • I lost 12kg in 12 weeks and I did it without calorie counting or going hungry!

    Craig Wedding Planner
  • My wife hugged me yesterday and said “What’s this lump?” I laughed “It’s a rib you haven’t felt in 15 years!

    Johnathan Legal Intern
  • I have tried every diet there is and this is the only one that has worked, ever!

    Anita Professional Beautician
  • I dropped 6Kgs, it’s unbelievable! Even cycling long distance and gym every day couldn’t bring my weight down until I tried Decarb.

    Jackie W Senior Personal Assistant
  • My sugar levels are brilliant and my health status is as it's optimum

    Marcie Real Estate Broker
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How Do I Get Started?


You can read the book.

It is an easy to read instruction manual for the Tim Noakes type of low carb Banting diet.

Get a personal diet coach.

Lose weight under supervision, with a personally designed program by Doctor Rybko

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